Jewelry Maker

Every so often, I get the urge to make something by hand. Lately I’ve been inspired by gemstones — particularly since I’ve found sources for gemstone beads which I can use to design thoughtful pieces of jewelry. Currently, I design pieces based on combinations of stones which are thought to have a certain set of energetic properties. I also study astrology, and I’m currently adapting some wonderful designs I’ve found which are based on the wearer’s astrological chart at the time of their birth. Whether or not you believe in chi or elemental energy or similar things, you have to admit that the concepts can yield some lovely design inspiration.

I’m also building an online shop featuring designs that can be worn either as bracelets or as necklaces, again featuring gemstones with particular elemental energies. They are also rather aesthetically pleasing, if I do say so myself, and certainly do their part to keep the wearer mindful of one’s intentions throughout the day. The shop is Seventh House Jewelry, and I invite you to check it out!