Only Random Acts Could Get Me To Try My First 5K!

It’s called Steps For Kindness, and it’s a “virtual” 5K — which means that you can participate wherever you are, whenever you like (within a set period of time). You can walk, run, wheel, skip, jump, or whatever! And best of all — if you’re me, anyway — you don’t even have to do it all at once. I’ll admit, I was worried that I couldn’t walk the whole thing in one outing, but I did.

I have to say, my participation with Random Acts over the past couple of years has inspired me to try things I never thought I would do. This, I think, is my biggest accomplishment to date.

Interested? There’s still time to sign up and do your own! Funds raised support Random Acts and Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles. Click here to sign up!

And check out Random Acts’ Storify on what’s happened so far. (See if you can find my tweets in there.) 🙂

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I have been fascinated by the unusual all my life. One of my very first written works was a school assignment exploring the validity of ESP and paranormal phenomena. Though I was very young at the time, I immediately found myself fascinated by performers like Yuri Gellar and David Copperfield, and these days I'm absolutely blown away by people like Derren Brown. Even today, I want to believe that abilities exist which have no valid scientific explanation. I have been reading Stephen King novels for as long as I can remember, and I'm a sucker for tv shows like "The X Files" and "LOST". One of these days, I'll tell all the stories that have been floating around in my head while I've been busy trying to live life.