Tuesday Teaser: A Review of My Contribution to HerStory

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I think it pretty much goes without saying that anytime I read a good review of HerStory, I get happy. There are a bunch of wonderful stories in there, and I’m in great company in terms of quality writers. But I just had to share a review I read today that not only included a brief teaser of my story, “In the Company of Spirits”, but gave it a bit of limelight all to itself as well. I’m pretty sure this is the first time someone I don’t know has referred to my writing as “excellent” —┬ámade my day!

Anyway, click this link to read the review. And if you’ve read my story and feel so inclined, leave a comment as to what you thought!

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I have been fascinated by the unusual all my life. One of my very first written works was a school assignment exploring the validity of ESP and paranormal phenomena. Though I was very young at the time, I immediately found myself fascinated by performers like Yuri Gellar and David Copperfield, and these days I'm absolutely blown away by people like Derren Brown. Even today, I want to believe that abilities exist which have no valid scientific explanation. I have been reading Stephen King novels for as long as I can remember, and I'm a sucker for tv shows like "The X Files" and "LOST". One of these days, I'll tell all the stories that have been floating around in my head while I've been busy trying to live life.