Harmonic Convergence of the Third Kind

One of my very favorite movies of all time is Amadeus, starring Tom Hulce as Mozart. The movie, as well as the play on which it’s based, shattered common misconceptions about Mozart and painted him in a much different light. Hulce gave a fantastic performance, and the story itself was very well-written. Of course, it probably helps that I love Mozart’s music; the ending scene where he is dictating strains of the Requiem on his deathbed–every layer fully complete, as he hears them in his head–is a moment forever etched in my mind.

A more modern figure whose public perception has also changed dramatically over the years is Steve Burns. He is known by children everywhere as “Steve” from Blue’s Clues. He is also known by some as a “rock godlet,” having cast aside the stripey green shirt in favor of an electric guitar and some musical friends in the form of the Flaming Lips. Steve’s departure from children’s television into the foray of indie rock was shocking enough for most. Not that that bothered him, I’m sure.

Here’s the harmonic convergence part: Steve, as Wulfie.

Somewhere in Pennsylvania, this very evening in fact, Steve Burns will become Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Originally from Pennsylvania, Steve is returning to the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival at DeSales University to star in their production of Amadeus. I’ll bet it’s freaking amazing. Talk about empathy for one’s character. I would so love to see how Steve handles this. Perhaps some lovely soul in Pennsylvania will attend and make a video, and post it on YouTube.

One of my favorite people, in one of my favorite roles. My head is spinning just a little, over this.