The Art of…Football??

In a move that flies in the face of the ever-present “sports-vs-music” attitude, I must confess that I have developed a new-found respect for the sport of football.

I was outside this morning in the heat of a late morning in June, watching my oldest son have the time of his life at football camp. In the midst of the war cries, the response of “Hit somebody!” when the coach asks them what they want to do, in the midst of the adrenaline and aggression, I found something else. A rhythm. A choreography. The need to count and plan, to move in sync with others. Hell, one of their warmups is the grapevine, for cryin’ out loud! Granted, they do it at a running pace, but still! Perhaps…dare I say it?…music and football are not so different after all??

I can’t tell yet which aspect of football appeals most to my son (I suppose, being my kid, the opportunity to blow off some steam is probably a big part of it), but it’s nice to have discovered that there really is more to football than brute force and grunting!