When I’m not doing…well, any of the other things I’m doing, I’m writing. Mainly about entertainment-related items, so it seems more like a “business” type of blog than a personal one. But I love entertainment, so it doesn’t feel like work.

My main blog is Exploring the Magic of Movies. I’ve always loved movies, and I love talking to people about movies. Sometimes I want to talk, but I just don’t have an audience. So I write instead! I keep thinking maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to have someone pay me to write reviews of movies or articles about movie stars or whatever. Who knows?

Every so often, I try to write something for places like Examiner.com and iTricks.com. I was privileged┬áto write about one of my favorite X-Files episodes for iTricks. It’s not a terribly long article, but it’s worth noting that the assignment was to write about this fantastic episode in ONLY THREE SENTENCES! That just wouldn’t do. Thank goodness for complex sentence structure.


And I’m most pleased to announce that my very first short story submission, “In the Company of Spirits”, was immediately picked up for publication by Pagan Writers Press for an anthology titled HerStory: Fiction Honoring Women’s History Month! My story is centered on a particular woman from history, with a “poignant and intimate” tale to tell, but as her identity isn’t readily revealed, I won’t ruin the surprise. You can find HerStory in both print and digital format on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.