This week’s sermon at my church was about transformation of the spirit; the example given was of Ebeneezer Scrooge and his reformation from a miserly life to one of generosity. The idea, of course, was that we should continually seek reconciliation to God, and away from the sins we commit in life.

Which got me to wondering….

Just why does God want to reconcile us to Himself, anyway? There certainly can’t be much in it for Him. Sure, He loves us. He created us. But I have loved people and been able to (albeit grudgingly) let them go. Then again, I am not God.

Or am I?

Isn’t it true that the Holy Spirit resides within each of us? Does that not make us part of the Entity that we label “God”? Could that be the exact method as to how God can be everywhere at once–through each of us? So then, does reconciling us to Himself then make Him more “complete” somehow? Not to suggest that He is incomplete without us, but it makes me wonder what He becomes when we are all joined with Him.

Could it be that the collective human consciousness is something like a set of tools God uses as He continues to explore the vast reaches of the infinite universe? The concept melds so seamlessly with the idea that “whatever you do unto others, you do unto God” or even unto yourself. And perhaps, just as we individuals are but small, finite parts of a larger infinite collective… perhaps as time passes and we evolve, we as individuals gain an ever-increasing portion of the knowledge from that infinite collective, the glimmer of the infinite that resides in our individual souls.

We truly are all connected. We cannot fully exist without God, nor can He fully exist without us. We are One.