Earlier this week I created my latest mind movie, after watching the DVD “The Secret.”  In doing this I am continuing my explorations into the Law of Attraction.  One of the biggest eye-openers in that DVD was the idea that if you constantly focus on something negative–even if your focus is REMOVING that negative thing–you will continue to draw it to yourself.  The speakers on the DVD postulated that anti-war protesters, although their intentions are good, inadvertently continue to attract war and physical unrest because they continue to focus on the removal of war rather than the actual seeking of peace.

This concept also translates into money; if one is focused on getting out of debt, they can actually continue to attract debt, since that’s where their focus lies.  For this reason, in my latest mind movie I focused on the positive aspect of wealth (receiving money) rather than the negative aspect (elimination of debt).  I changed from my initial idea–an image of a bill with the word “PAID” in big red letters–to what I actually chose, which was a mailbox overflowing with money.

I finished and uploaded my video on Monday.

Today, four days later, we received a rebate check from our power company.

The letter said the check was sent “to help ease the impact of the higher electric prices that took effect this year.” The important thing is, I had no idea it was coming. I could never have predicted it.

I am freaking out, just a little bit.